This high-strength, veneer plaster produces a hard, abrasion-resistant surface for commercial and residential applications where walls are exposed to significant traffic.

USG Imperial® Veneer Basecoat is designed for two-coat applications over USG Imperial® Gypsum Base to provide non-combustibility, directly over porous concrete block, or USG Plaster Bonder on monolithic concrete, USG Fiberock® Abuse-Resistant Interior Panels, and USG Durock® Brand Cement Board. It's available in thicknesses from 1/16-inch to 3/32-inch.

USG Imperial® Plaster Systems are designed for interior wall and ceiling surfaces in all types of construction, particularly for hard-wear locations where durability and abrasion-resistance are required.

Features and Benefits
  • USG Imperial® Veneer Basecoat offers the durability needed in high-trafic areas
  • Permanent bond. USG Imperial® Veneer Basecoat bonds to USG Imperial® Gypsum Base in a positive, permanent manner
  • Provides noncombustibility. When used with USG Imperial® Gypsum Base, USG Imperial® Plaster Systems provide re resistant construction
  • Can be applied directly to concrete block or over a bonding agent to monolithic concrete
  • Not affected by decay, dry rot or normal humidity

50 lb bag
63 bags/pallet

Code: IB50