PBH and Wood/Lite-Metal Screws, Assembled with Washer for Wood and Lite-Gauge Metal Application, 20- to 26-gauge.

"PB" refers to Polymer Based. Class PB EIFS typically uses either adhesively, mechanically or adhesively and mechanically fastened expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation, and glass fiber reinforcing mesh embedded in a nominal 1/16 inch (1.6mm) base coat. PB EIFS can incorporate additional layers of base coat and reinforcing mesh to achieve higher impact resistance. An EIFS finish coat is used over the base coat.

PB EIFS represents the majority of EIFS used in North America.
  • 2" Washer Diameter
  • EIFS fastener Manufacturer Approved
  • Cone Design of PB Washer Prevents Pop-Ups
  • White - No Color Bleedthru
  • Finger Closures Protects Screw Head
  • Fastener Elimates Thermal Shorts
  • PB Washers Large Keying Holes Assure Excellent Bonding

1M pcs/ctn

Code: WH2