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Tamarack Offers Quality NaturaSeal Coatings

For customers in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

Tamarack and NaturaSeal – We’ve Got You Covered

As we continue to provide the best possible solutions and highest quality products to our customers, we are excited to announce that Tamarack Materials, Inc. will expand its offerings of reliable waterproofing and air and vapor barrier products 'as an exclusive distributor' from industry leader NaturaSeal.

For years, NaturaSeal has focused on evolving industrial coatings that balance worksite performance and environmental sustainability. Today, they continue to innovate, offering a wide variety of advanced solutions commonly used in, but not limited to; building construction, earthworks, as well as metal and concrete protection.

Buy Quality Industrial Coatings from NaturaSeal at Tamarack Materials, Inc.

Contractors, builders, architects and residential and commercial developers already rely on Tamarack Materials for all their construction supplies in MN, ND, SD, WI and IA.

The expansion of NaturaSeal products now available through Tamarack means all your industrial surface protection and coating solutions are here, including:

  • Waterproofing – highly versatile elastomeric coatings, for a wide variety of indoor or outdoor surfaces
  • Air & Vapor Barriers – control air leakage in and out of your building enclosures with application for wood, insulation, foam, concrete walls, and cedar blocks
  • Commercial & Residential Coatings - institutional, industrial, residential and commercial projects all benefit from the cold liquid applied, adhesion and cure technology
  • Coating Tools & Accessories – NaturaSeal’s HVLP dual spray machine operates at an industry low pressure of 200 psi while maximizing speed by applying 1.5 Gallons per minute. Applicators can apply upwards of 10,000 s/f per day while achieve any thickness in a single coat.

Tamarack Materials, Inc., your trusted source for superior building products, is now your go-to dealer for NaturaSeal products that deliver the quality construction waterproofing and barrier supplies you need.

Find a Tamarack yard near you, and let’s get started on your next project today.

About Tamarack

With 10 yards located across Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa, Tamarack Materials, Inc., a GMS company, offers exceptional construction supplies and building materials across the northern and Midwest United States. From drywall and coatings, to finishes, tools and more, trust Tamarack for all your job site needs.

About NaturaSeal

NaturaSeal specializes in manufacturing and marketing of instant-setting elastomer modified asphalt emulsion coatings that are environmentally friendly and workplace safe. NaturaSeal coatings are used to protect a wide variety of materials commonly used in building construction, offering a safer, faster and longer lasting water and/or corrosion barrier, that surpasses current industry offerings in both cost and performance.